About anisotropela

anisotropela is great for making anagrams. Try it yourself:

The name anisotropela is a portmanteau of "anisotropic", "Peter", and "Laursen".

pela has been my username on most platforms since it was assigned to me at Roskilde University, where I did my bachelor.

Anisotropic means "not the same in all directions" and is an allusion to one of my early research results, namely that Lyman α radiation escapes anisotropically from galaxies. My supercool logo is intended to illustrate this.

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Anisotropic escape

Two images of the same (computer-simulated) galaxy, viewed from two different directions. The brightness of the central, observable parts easily varies by a factor of ten (from Laursen & Sommer-Larsen 2007).

By the way, "anisotropela" was coined in 2013 where during a workshop I was required to make a Twitter account. I didn't use it at all for five years until 2018, when I started tweeting vigorously about astronomy. Why don't you follow me: