Public outreach

Note that much of the outreach material is in Danish.

Popular science talks

I regularly give talks on various astronomy-related topics to high school students, amateur astronomy associations, companies, and the general public. Even in prisons!

Some titles of talks I give are:

  • Galaxies — the building blocks of the Universe
  • Cosmology — then and now
  • Lyα — a window to the distant Universe
  • The dark Universe
  • Stars — birth, life, and death
  • Spectroscopy and astronomy
  • My research
  • Communicating science to the public
Contact me if you'd like me to come give a talk. It'll be fun!

Radio & podcast

Newspapers (real papers & online)

TV & video

If you speak Danish, click below to see which five things you must know about galaxies:

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Popular science articles

In addition to the published articles above I've created a small encyclopedia for non-astronomers with short introductions for laymen to some of the stuff that I spend my time on.

I also tweet regularly about astronomy:

Answering questions
I answer questions about physics and astronomy at

Do you have a question? Ask it using the form below/on the right.

Posters & flyers
  • Poster for soliciting Master students in astronomy.
  • Flyer explaining what we did at DARK.
Supervising school pupils
  • I sometimes help/guide/supervise high school or secondary school students doing astronomy/physics projects.