Public outreach

Part of my job is disseminating the science we do here at the Cosmic Dawn Center. Get in touch if you want to hear about astronomy — I happily give talks and interviews, as well as take part in more untraditional events.

Radio & podcast

Newspapers (real papers & online)

TV & video

If you speak Danish, click below to see 5 things you should know about the James Webb Space Telescope:

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or here for 5 things you should know about about galaxies:

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or here to learn how everything is made of particles:

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Press releases and news stories

I regularly write small articles in laymen's terms about our research at the Cosmic Dawn Center.

Press releases

Other news stories

News on colleagues' grants, awards, and research

Popular science articles

In addition to the published articles above I've created a small encyclopedia for non-astronomers with short introductions for laymen to some of the stuff that I spend my time on.

I also tweet regularly about astronomy:

Public talks

I regularly give talks on various astronomy-related topics to high school students, amateur astronomy associations, companies, and the general public. Even in prisons!

Some topics of the talks I give are:

  • James Webb — the new space telescope
  • Galaxies — the building blocks of the Universe
  • Cosmology — then and now
  • Lyman α — a window to the distant Universe
  • The dark Universe (on dark matter, dark energy, and black holes)
  • Stars — birth, life, and death
  • Spectroscopy and astronomy
  • My research
  • Science communication
Contact me if you'd like me to come give a talk. It'll be fun!

Answering questions
I answer questions about physics and astronomy at

Do you have a question? Ask it using the form below/on the right.

Various events
Posters & flyers
  • Poster for soliciting Master students in astronomy.
  • Flyer explaining what we did at DARK.
Supervising school pupils
  • I occasionally help/guide/cheer on/supervise high school or secondary school students doing astronomy/physics projects.