I have other interests. Here's a list:

  • Family

I've made a clickable family tree :)

Check it out here!

  • Music

I really like music. Not all kinds of music though. I like twee, indie-pop/-rock/-tronica, lo-fi, DIY, shoegaze, postrock, and old-fashioned punk and heavy.

I used to play various instruments (mostly guitar, but also harmonica, melodica, trumpet, accordion, ukulele, flute) in a nice and friendly band called Ampel. You should check it out.

  • Sports

I like to do sports.

  • Cycling
    Prior to my studies, I was a bike messenger for several years. From 1996 to 2002, I competed in European and World Championships all over the world (world champion in Philadelphia 2000). Subsequently I rode in Frederiksberg Bane- og Landevejsklub (FBL).
  • Boxing
    Nowadays, cycling has faded somewhat in favor of boxing in SIK Fight (club champion 2016). I'm the instructor on Friday mornings, so come around if you want to get sweaty.
  • Other sports
    Previously, I have exercised swimming, badminton, judo, and table tennis. I was never really any good at any of these sports, but I had fun. I once came in second in a table tennis championship. We were only two teams competing, but still…
  • Literature
  • Eating & drinking
  • Sweets
    I like white chocolate. Some claim it's not real chocolate. They're wrong, of course.
  • Food
    I like to cook. I'm not particularly good, I just like it. I collected a few recipes in my notes.
  • Rum
    And I like rum. Here's a list of some of the rums I've had, with ratings.
  • Drawings

I like to draw. I'll post some drawings here some day.